Steven Ibbotson

Mr. Ibbotson has served as a Director since June 1999. Mr. Ibbotson has served as General Manager for Farm Business Consultants, Inc. ("FBC") in Calgary, Alberta since September 1997. From September 1995 until September 1997, he served as a General Manager-Western Canada for FBC, Inc. also in Calgary, Alberta. From September 1993 until September 1995 he served as Director of Marketing for FBC in London, Ontario. FBC is a tax preparation and consulting firm serving farmers and small business owners across Canada. Through his service as General Manager and various other positions at FBC, Mr. Ibbotson brings many years of tax preparation industry expertise to our Board. Mr. Ibbotson has developed significant managerial expertise through his career at FBC and is familiar with many of the operational challenges in the tax preparation industry, many of which confront our company. Mr. Ibbotson also serves as the Board of Directors representative of our largest stockholder, DataTax Business Services Limited.

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