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Liberty Tax Asks, "Where Do Taxpayers Store Their Receipts?"

In Baby Wipe Containers, Grocery Bags and Even Popcorn Tins

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/13/15 -- Liberty Tax, Inc. (NASDAQ: TAX)

Did you hear the one about the taxpayer who brought his receipts to his tax preparer in a popcorn tin?

"When we opened it, the papers sprang out like a snake in a can," said Kimberley Pierce, a Liberty Tax Service franchisee in Albuquerque, NM. "There were thousands of receipts, and even a pink slipper. It took three of us about an hour to divide the receipts into personal and business categories. Frederick's of Hollywood, personal; a drill from Lowe's, business."

Taxpayers can be good about keeping their receipts. What's amusing is the containers they sometimes use to store those receipts. At Liberty Tax Service, we asked our franchisees to share their funny receipt stories, and did they ever. Grocery bags, baby wipes containers, a crab basket. All types of everyday items are repurposed to store receipts. Here is just a sample of what our franchisees shared.

A truck driver showed up one day at Ryan Allen's office near Akron, Ohio. "This was a very burly guy," said Allen, "and he shows up with his daughter's Hello Kitty mini rolling backpack full of receipts." The truck driver explained: "It's the only thing I could find around the house, and, besides, it's so cute."

The truck driver at one of Mary Hobbs' offices in Maryville, Tenn., brought his receipts in an empty baby wipes box. "Thankfully, unscented," Hobbs said.

Cindy Pace looked on in awe as a taxpayer carefully brought six drawers from a chest of drawers into her office in Lake City, S.C. The business owner said he had been told to keep all his receipts and he did, in his chest of drawers. "I asked where he kept his clothes," said Pace, "and we had a good laugh."

At Bryan Williams' office in Front Royal, Va., a taxpayer brought in a cardboard box labeled, "tax junk." It was filled with all kinds of government-issued documents, including his daughter's birth certificate.

Liberty Tax welcomes all types of receipt containers and applauds taxpayers who make it a practice to keep those receipts and bring them to their tax preparer. At Liberty Tax, tax preparers work through all those receipts to ensure that taxpayers get the deductions they deserve.

"My all-time favorite is the business expenses for the year totaled up on the wooden lid of a crab basket," said Cathy Fulmer, a franchisee in Salisbury, Md., a watermen's community on the Chesapeake Bay. "Only in the Eastern Shore."

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