Andrew M. Laurence

Andrew M. Laurence is a partner of VCM. Mr. Laurence joined VCM in January 2010 and is responsible for all aspects of its transaction sourcing, due diligence and execution. Mr. Laurence served as Corporate Secretary of API Technologies from January 2011 until February 2016; he also served as Vice President of Finance and Chief Accounting Officer from January 2011 to June 2011. Since January 2015, Mr. Laurence has been a director and member of the audit committee of IEC Electronics Corp., a provider of electronic manufacturing services to advanced technology companies that produce life-saving and mission critical products for the medical, industrial, aerospace and defense sectors. Since 2013, Mr. Laurence has also served as a director of Energes Services, LLC, an oilfield services company located in Colorado. He is also the Manager of East Coast Welding & Fabrication, LLC and a director of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton. Mr. Laurence received a B.A. from Harvard University.